2017 Race Report

Another year, another Wobble with 103 entries for 2017. The medals and numbers were very kindly sponsored again by Richard Egerton of Peak Cables. Richard’s support along with his wife Debbie (marshal on Deerlands Road crossing) and daughter Grace who also handed out medals, is just one of many examples of the amazing support we have from our community to be able to run this race every year. Another example being the 3rd Wingerworth Scouts and Wobbler support crew that were handing out medals and bottles of well deserved water at this years gruelling finish. Then there are the team or marshals guiding Wobblers around the route, all selflessly giving their time to support this run.

Many of the competitors have a love hate relationship with the punishing hill finish. However it was a pleasure for us spectators to watch the winner (and previous winner) Luke Beresford in full Indian costume cross the finish line in a time of 30 minutes and 23 seconds. Not quite beating the course record this year but getting closer. 16 seconds behind Luke and in 2nd place was Paul Sorrel with a time of 30:39. Finishing in 3rd was Jack Morley in a time if 34 minutes and 11 seconds.

Richard Start from North Derbyshire RC was in the lead early on until missing a turn over a stile. This ensured he got his moneys worth by running a further 0.7 miles, admittedly by Richard his own mistake. Perhaps a potential winner next year if staying on course?

George Light (son of one of our regular supporters and sponsors John Light from Hamiltons Pow-R-Safe) finished in 7th in a time of 36:02 in his first running of the Wobble route. Well done George.

First Local male was Richard Corker in 8th place with a time of 36:49. All those early morning runs have clearly paid off. I often see Richard et al out training around the village from the comfort of my car!

Our first lady this year was Esther Broughton from Ripley Running Club. Esther finished in fine style in 19th position, Angel wings still firmly attached in a time of 40:18. Barely a spot of mud on her white costume must have been divine intervention. I can only imagine the heckling/banter she must have had whilst out on the course from our fellow Wobbler runner Barry Corker who finished just 1 second behind. Barry – I am expecting you in full Angel Gabriel outfit next year with halo firmly attached – if ever so slightly askew!

Rebecca Broughton came in as our second lady finisher in a time of 42:00 and then Alison Cowley was the equal 3rd lady home in a time of 45:07 with our first local lady Lynne Delaney. It was lovely to see so many local runners and 1st time Wobblers as well as returning faithfuls.

The oldest Wobbler trophy this year went to Ann Wilson in a time of 53 minutes 56 seconds.

With the unwavering support of fellow Wingerworth Wobblers Lucy Bacon and Sam Kimmins the Wingerworth Wobble has had another year of raising funds for Deer Park PTA, 3rd Wingerworth Scouts and also donation to fellow Wobble volunteer supporters cause Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We may need to re think the format of our Wobble race meetings though as wine was coiffed, cheese and biscuits consumed, lots of reminiscing about previous runs then race planning completed in around 10 minutes!

With help from Deer Park PTA (and award winning chef Rose and Victoria) all in attendance were well fed and watered. Mr Beardall’s support in allowing us to use Deer Park Primary School as our race HQ was much appreciated as always.

A special mention must go to North Derbyshire Running Club. Not only do they support our run by a plethora of runners but also with marshals, timekeepers (Don Peckett) and photographers. Your help and support as our neighboring running club is always much appreciated and reciprocated.

On a serious note, there were two attempts at sabotaging the runners course by moving signs/ tape markers. This is not only wholly irresponsible but also dangerous. The course is risk assessed and marshaled for very good reason. If a runner became lost due to misdirection and then injured or unwell there would be delayed response to any such incident with possible serious consequences. I have had two names handed to me as possible culprits. Perhaps more disturbing is that these are both adults. This situation will be monitored and more marshals placed at random areas around the course. If these persons are seen altering the course in the future this will be reported. I personally will name and shame with video/photographic evidence on every social media platform available. You have been warned!

Having said all that, after a very successful 2017 Wingerworth Wobble I am pleased to announce that the Deer Park Primary School PTA, 3rd Wingerworth Scouts and David Carr’s chosen charity Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will all receive substantial donations due to all runners and helpers dedication. Thank you all for making the Wingerworth Wobble a true community race.

Linzi Fletcher-Bates

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Wingerworth Wobble 2017 Winner Luke Beresford

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