Wobblers 3rd Anniversary Run/Expedition

We had a great adventure run to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. The decision to run on the road (it was thought this may be easier) went horribly wrong when we ended up surfing 5ft snow drifts on the way up to Ashover Rock. It is the only time the footpaths that are notoriously muddy even in drought conditions became a favourable alternative. When a 4×4 is found abandoned in the road it must be bad. On the upside, two cans of Carling were found unopened (and nicely chilled) which seemed all a bit random but were put to good use by the runners!!

The run back from Ashover Rock was fast (due to it being largely downhill) and driven by the thoughts of cake. Cadbury surpassed themselves – perhaps we should ask for sponsorship at some stage!